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FB Framework
This is not a Facebook course.

Rather, this is not just a Facebook course.
FB Framework™ is a six-step system that turns likes into leads, followers into fans, and browsers into buyers – all using the power of Facebook.
Tell me if this sounds like you:

You hit publish on a post... only to hear crickets. And maybe you are seriously questioning the point in having a Facebook page in the first place.

You’ve run Facebook ads only to see zero return on your investment, and you’ve decided ads probably don’t work for your business. Perhaps you’ve even said “Well, my people aren’t on Facebook anyway.”

You see Facebook doing amazing things for businesses, you’re just not sure why your business keeps getting left out.

Or... maybe you have a good thing going over on your page, you get decent traffic from Facebook, you get respectable reach and engagement... but you’ve plateaued, and you don’t see how to get to the next level. 

Does any of that sound like you?

If so, you’re right where you need to be.

(Here. Reading this.)

​​​​​​​But just because that’s the way things are now does not mean that’s the way things have to be forever.
$98K launch just 9 weeks after enrolling:

"Well, well, well, where to begin? Shall we start at that one time we implemented your lessons and saw a $37K ROI in just 2 weeks?

Or how about that time we were able to tweak those strategies even further to see a $98k launch just 9 weeks after enrolling and going through the course?

Listen, we've consumed a bunch of content (some free and some paid) to master Facebook.

It'd been a dead platform for us for years. Until CFD.

There's a way that her teaching style just makes complicated things un-complicated. She has an energy about her that makes tackling something as daunting as the Ads Manager fun. Well, when you can make such a return on your time and energy, it is kind of fun!"

-Abagail Pumphrey & Emylee Williams
Think Creative Collective
With nearly 3 billion active users, Facebook is a business no-brainer. 

(Your audience is on Facebook. I promise.)

So it’s not a matter of if the platform works, or if your people are on the platform.

The real question should be: 

How are we going to make the platform work for you to reach your people?

Enter FB Framework™️.
I'm ready. Sign me up!
Enrollment open now through August 17th.
Doors close soon:
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More cashflow, more customers:

"In this incredible (but somewhat saturated) age of internet marketing, it's a rare occurrence to come across a business mentor who truly walks their talk. Courtney Foster-Donahue is a no-fluff, get down to business, stay focused, achieve greatness and still-have-time-to-binge-watch-your-fave-shows kinda gal.

If you're ready to take the next step in your business, to boost your cash flow, and gain better and more engaged customers, I highly recommend working with Courtney."

-Katie Tassone-Milligan

"A digital course that actually delivers the value it promises!"

I am making more money from Facebook, and feeling much more focused and confident when it comes to both FB marketing and FB content, and it is because of FB Everything.

I have spent way too much money on digital courses that were just not that impressive, and a few bordered on scams. However, I was pleased and impressed with FB Framework™ from day one."

-Mari Gesair
FB Framework™ has been THE best training I have invested in EVER."

"I have given time and money to countless courses that were ...meh. But FB Framework™ has been THE best training I have invested in EVER.

While ultimately it's down to us, the time-strapped, uber-stressed business owners, to dedicate time to completing each module, the pace and length of every single one is perfect. Even the busiest entrepreneur can give 20-30 minutes a couple of times a week to learn the truly valuable lessons that WILL make a difference to your business and your sanity."

-Sarah Connelly
Odyssey Boutique
I created this program for business owners who... 

...are tired of Googling until their eyes cross...

...don’t have time to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole of outdated and confusing information...

...want more than just “how-to“ tutorials devoid of strategy...

... checked out the free Facebook training, then wondered “But what do I do with this information?“
After all, Facebook is a robust platform with a lot of tools. 

It’s like the Swiss Army knife of social media platforms!

To have success, you need a strategy that shows you how to put all of those tools together and really build something.

That’s what we do inside FB Framework™.
In fact, that’s what we’ve done with over 2,000 students in 24 different countries representing countless niches and industries.

Online and local...

...Product-based and service-based…

...Even for profit and nonprofit.

Regardless of your type of business or stage of business, Facebook can help you reach more and sell more, and FB Framework™️ can show you how. 
Here’s what a few of our students had to say about FB Framework™️:
Business growth:
"I not only learned everything about Facebook and had a blast in the process, but know that both Courtney AND the course added to the bottom line of my business.  

Zuckerberg may be the King of Facebook, but Courtney Foster-Donahue is the Queen. "

-Dan Tricarico
The Zen Teacher
Audience growth:
"After completing the course, I started to increase my organic reach and her strategy helped me grow my warm audience to over 30K  in one month.

If you are using Facebook to build and grow your business, this course is a must!"

-Yesenia Swecker
Coach Yesenia
Revenue growth:
Since purchasing and implementing the course material my engagement and revenue have increased 10x. 

Definitely my best investment of 2017."

-Lydia Watson
The Butter Depot
Success with Ads
"The course is packed FULL to the tippity top with everything you need to know to run successful ad campaigns on Facebook...

 I have learned so much from Courtney! My best investment in 2017!"

-Claire Wolfson
Bean Goods
75+ New Followers Weekly
"This course took me from a totally unfocused, scattered, nonsensical Facebook mess to having a clear and focused social media strategy. I went from getting a few new followers a week to 75+ each week almost immediately once I started following just a few of Courtney's strategies."

-Kate Schnetzer
Parenting Resources
A Strong Investment
"Literally the best money you could spend on a course. I have taken other courses that come with private Facebook communities...  I have never experienced the level of attention, feedback, cheerleading, and help that Courtney provides to the purchasers of the course."

​​​-Alexis Drolet
Alexis Anne Creative
"So who made this thing?"
Hi! I'm Courtney Foster-Donahue.

I'm a business and marketing expert and creator of FB Framework™. I'm also a 4-time entrepreneur.

Leveraging the concepts I teach in this program, I grew four business to six figures in less than two years.

And now, one of our businesses grosses 7 figures annually using the same strategies inside FB Framework™.

No big, fancy ads budget required.

No business or marketing degree needed.

No jedi mind tricks used.

Just the 6-step system that is FB Framework™.
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"FB Framework™ was worth every penny that I invested in it, and I would have gladly paid 2-3x more."
-Paul Maskill
I'm ready. Sign me up!
Enrollment open now through August 17th.
What's inside FB Framework™?

FB Framework™ is a 6-step system that turns likes into leads, followers into fans, and browsers into buyers -- all using the power of Facebook pages.

This program was designed so that each lesson builds on the previous one, that way you have a solid foundation first before you amplify your message through ads.

By the time you get to the ads section of FB Framework™, running ads campaigns is effortless because you're more poised than ever for a higher ROI, lower costs, and more conversions. 

Let's break down each of the six steps of the FB Framework™:
Step 1:
Harness Your Who, What, & Why

An out-of-tune violin isn't improved with a microphone, right?
So before we build your audience and amplify your message, we first need to "tune" it. In Step 1 of the framework, we clarify your core marketing message, we create your anchor content, and we define your ideal audience. 
Step 2:
Set the Stage

Before the audience arrives, we want to set the stage. On Facebook, this means considering the first impression and getting everything set on the front-end and back-end so that our page builds our business even when you're sleeping. We also optimize the page so we can ensure we're not leaving any money on the table.

Step 3:
Engage the Page

After setting the foundation and the first impression in steps one and two, we're ready to focus all efforts on engaging with our followers and would-be followers. In this step, we cover organic content, reach, engagement, the algorithm, as well as my signature Waltz + Wed Technique. I also share my Engagement G.I.R.A.F.F.E. Test -- a test I use to ensure I'm always putting out highly engaging content.
Step 4:
Turn Followers into Fans

If you're like most businesses on Facebook, you don't want people to simply follow your page; you want them to keep following your page. In step four, I show how that can be not just possible, but probable -- especially when implementing my Series Strategy. Essentially, this is how we turn followers into fans.
Step 5:
Turn Likes into Leads

You've got followers, you've got fans, but now what? How can we move them from a page like to a lead? How can we monetize the momentum of our growing page? In step five, we segue from purely organic content to paid content via Facebook ads. Step five is a complete Facebook ads training. 
Step 6:
Turn Browsers into Buyers

In step 6, we take Facebook ads to the next level with a collection of ads strategies to help you get the most out of the Facebook ads platform. We tackle split-testing, re-targeting, funnels, as well as a slew of proven proprietary strategies I've created that are ideal for all business types.
What's included in FB Framework™?
6 modules of learning
Private support group with daily coaching
Workbooks and worksheets
Unlimited updates
Lifetime access
Bonus courses and trainings
I'm ready. Sign me up!
Enrollment open now through August 17th.
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But about that group...

The FB Framework™ Mastermind is truly one of the best parts (and well worth the cost of the entire program).

Housed in a Facebook group, our mastermind is a great resource for support and solidarity -- not to mention daily coaching and accountability from me!

Some course creators jump ship after a course launches. Not me. I'm present daily providing tips, guidance, and ads troubleshooting whenever needed. 

(And if you've done Facebook ads before, you know how helpful it would be to have a second set of eyes helping you tweak and test all the components of your campaign. Right?) 

Multiple thriving businesses:

"One year ago today... our lights were about to be turned off in our brick and mortar business.

Today, not only is that thriving (we are about to open a second location), but my husband's and my digital marketing business allowed him [my husband] to leave his job today.

Sooooooo thankful you got me on the right path, Courtney! I am eternally grateful."
-Michele Caruana
Climbing Vines Café and Play and The Caruana Group
Lifetime access + Unlimited Updates

Few things in life are certain:
Death, taxes, and Facebook is always changing.

Don't navigate those murky waters alone! You've got FB Framework™.
Yes, regardless of when you decide to start -- whether next week, next month, or next year -- you get lifetime access AND unlimited updates.

I don't nickel and dime you with monthly membership fees or update fees. 

When Facebook evolves, the course evolves. No catch. No strings attached. 

Lifetime access and unlimited updates to the content are just part of the one-time investment you make when you join FB Framework™.


If you opt for the full-pay version or the 2-payments option, you'll receive my complete Visual Branding Basics course (a $50 value).

In 10 video lessons, I show you how to craft a purpose-powered visual brand that goes beyond simply fonts and colors to truly honor your mission, elevate your brand, and turn the heads of your target audience.

Wanting to create scroll-stopping graphics that captivate your followers in their feed? This is the course for you.

(Only available for those who opt for the V.I.P. package.)
There's more!

If you opt for the full-pay version, you'll also receive OBS Success (a $30 value).

This mini-course is the fast and easy answer to "How do I do a Facebook live from my computer -- and make it look freaking AMAZING?!"

In this mini-course, I show you how to create multimedia, branded livestream experiences. No fancy tech skills or huge production teams needed.

OBS Success is also perfect if you're wanting to create online courses with videos that include screenshare, slideshows, audio clips, music, video clips, graphics, text overlays, and watermarks.

OBS Success makes all of that happen.
...These bonuses are in addition to all of the other bonuses you get when you invest in FB Framework™...
Growing Groups mini course
Networking in Groups mini course
Chat bots training
Tricks + Tutorials Vault
Copywriting on Facebook training
And my most popular training, "Anatomy of a High-converting Ad"
Join FB Framework™
Enrollment open now through August 17th.
Strategy on the Go!

FB Framework™ and all of its strategic goodness is accessible across all devices inside a handy dandy membership site.

So whether you choose to start the program this week, next week, or even next year, you can pull it up on any device making learning easy (and portable). 

That includes all of the bonuses like the mini courses and support group, too!
"The first module alone is worth the price of this entire program."

"Courtney has made her online courses fun and engaging.

It's super easy to immediately implement the things she teaches because everything is so clear and concise.

The first module alone is worth the price of this entire program."

-Stephanie Carlsen

"This is so much more than a regular course. "
"As a VA, I say this course is a must for social media management.  You can increase your knowledge and thereby increase your clientele.  

This is so much more than a regular course.  Courtney continues to add to it with her question and answer times, and the private FB group allows you to ask questions, get answers, share ideas and cheer others along!  "

-Jenn Griffiths
"This is a course that continues to give."

"FB Framework™ has been a life-saver. If you are like me and your business is changing or evolving, it's nice to be able to go back through the course and come up with an entirely new strategy on how to get your business out there.

I have re-watched the videos multiple times and each time, I get a new "ah ha" moment that help me through this transition. This is a course that continues to give."

-Kristin Arilus
Monetized Mama
"But what about Facebook ads?"
Inside FB Framework™, you'll find a complete Facebook ads training.
Want to drive traffic to a sales page or a blog post? No prob.
Want to run ads for list-building? We got you.
Want to get people over to a sales page or products page? Check and check.

Whether you want to sell, grow your list, or just spread brand awareness, FB Framework™ will educate you on all of those strategies.
Better yet, I also share my own proprietary strategies that I have developed and used in all of my very different business (as well as the unique businesses of our students).
Whether you're brand new to ads, or you've been burned before by wasting money and you're not sure what's next, the ads training inside FB Framework™ has something for you.

That's kind of the point:
FB Framework™ is a 6-step system grounded in organic content strategies that guides you through running successful ads campaigns and funnels so that you can ultimately reach more and help more (and sell more)... all while keeping adspend low and conversions high.
So yeah, we cover ads. 😉

Bonus: You can also troubleshoot ads, get feedback, and strategize on your campaigns with me (and our other students) inside the student group. We're tweaking ads every. single. day. over there!
"Turning Traffic to Sponsors + Fundraising"
In addition to owning online businesses, Katie also works for a nonprofit. Using strategies she learned inside FB Framework™, she was able to leverage exposure received from a documentary to increase engagement, but more importantly, sponsorship and fundraising.
"More Revenue This Month Than Last Quarter"
Allison is both a busy mom and business owner, so she didn't have time or money to waste on strategies that didn't work. After wasting adspend on the "boost post" button, she joined FB Framework™ and learned how to create exciting and high-converting campaigns. Just this month, she made more revenue than in the last quarter combined and her online shop is thriving!
"Conversions Have Increased Tenfold"
With experience in digital marketing for a Fortune 500 company, Michelle was hardly a novice when it came to Facebook. However, when she opened her own brick-and-mortar business, she found that the same strategies didn't apply. Upon implementing FB Framework™, she not only improved her conversions tenfold, but she's also in the process of opening a second business. And beyond that, she's grown her digital marketing agency and is pacing 6 figures this year.
"It's a Proven System that Works"
As a multiple business owner and investor, Paul needed a proven system that worked, regardless of the type of business. After being in the FB Framework™ for over a tear, Paul is still seeing a significant return on his initial investment.
Money-Back Guarantee

Refund, you ask? My guess is that after you complete the course, you’ll be thinking of a different “r” word — referral! #nailedit 

But seriously, try FB Framework™ risk-free for 30 days.

This course is the best and brightest of my Facebook marketing strategies and it has successfully served over 2,000 students in a variety of niches (include social media managers and ad strategists!). However, if this course isn't for you, I don't want your money.

Within 30 days of purchase, if this course doesn’t meet your expectations, let me know and we'll issue you a full refund.  

You're part of something good!

Your purchase will better your business, but also the world!

10% of all proceeds from sales of FB Framework™ go to the Pre-emptive Love Coalition, an organization that, in their words, "engage(s) the world’s most polarizing conflicts by confronting fear with acts of love."

Their presence and actions in some of the world's most war-torn regions has saved and improved lives for the last decade, and I'm honored to have a platform in which to give to their cause.


How does this work?
1.  Join FB Framework™ now through August 17.

2.  You'll receive access to the membership and students' only mastermind.

3.  Starting August 13, you'll receive a new module each week for seven weeks.

You get lifetime access to the entire program.

You also get unlimited updates, so whenever Facebook changes, so does the course

However, e
nrollment only comes around three times a year.

FB Framework™ is only open now through August 17th.
So... it comes down to a few things:

The question isn't "Will FB Framework™ work for me?"

It's "How well will it work for me?" 😉

We have over 2,000 business owners inside FB Framework™.

We’re on a mission to reach more and help more (and sell more), and we hope you join us.

After all, when you build your business, you have a chance to better the world.

But you can’t better anyone if no one knows about you.


Right now there are people out there waiting — waiting for you, for your product, for your service.

They just haven’t found you yet.

Don’t keep them waiting.

Take the plunge.

Join FB Framework™.
Enrollment closes August 17th.
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Choose an option below to get started today:
FB Framework™ Basic
6 monthly payments of
  • ●  FB Framework™ complete program
  • ●  Students' only support group
  • ●  Lifetime access
  • ●  Unlimited updates

FB Framework™ V.I.P.
1-time payment of
  • ●  FB Framework™ complete program
  • ●  Students' only support group
  • ●  Lifetime access
  • ●  Unlimited updates
  • ●  BONUS COURSE: OBS Success
  • ●  BONUS COURSE: Visual Branding Basics
FB Framework™ Plus
2 monthly payment of
  • ●  FB Framework™ complete program
  • ●  Students' only support group
  • ●  Lifetime access
  • ●  Unlimited updates
  • ●  BONUS COURSE: Visual Branding Basics